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KEDS invests in Raushiq of Peja 27-03-2018

Within the investment master plan, KEDS has also invested in Raushiq village of Peja municipality. Residents have benefited new concrete poles, new trafos and new quality conductors. The quality of electricity has improved 174 households and businesses have benefited.
There have been placed 157 new concrete low voltage poles, 36 medium voltage, 5,500meters cable of low voltage and 1,900 meters of new cable of medium voltage. KEDS spokesperson Viktor Buzhala has talked about these investments.
"This investment shows the commitment of KEDS to increase the quality of services for all citizens throughout Kosovo. Investment intensity will not stop this year, rather it will increase. In all areas where it has been invested, the network is with the highest standards. Interruptions from external factors, especially atmospheric, in these localities now belong to the past. So the security of electricity supply has increased considerably," Buzhala said.
Investments are going on and are increasing steadily.
Regarding the investment in Raushiq, Buzhala said that within this project is placed a substation and two new trafos and that all the old poles that had previously posed a problem were removed.
"The old trafo station is replaced with a new one of 400 kVA. Also two new trafos are placed. one 250 kVA and the other 160 kVA. Also, the old wooden poles are replaced with new concrete ones and the ripped conductors that have been hazardous to residents have been removed. They are replaced with isolated braided cables where the risk level is zero", Buzhala said.
174 households and businesses have benefited directly. Quality of supply has increased and risk is avoided and the impact is great in the decline of losses.
Among the 174 beneficiaries of this KEDS project is Rexhe Veselaj. "Yes, new poles and trafos have been placed. This was very necessary and we expect that also the other part of  Raushiq will benefit from investments from KEDS. They did a well job for with the separation in two trafos", says Veselaj.
Also Rexhep Cocaj from Raushiq said that the investment is visible with new poles, network and trafos, "said Cocaj.
The Distribution Network Development Plan is a KEDS master plan that foresees the investment of 300 million euros in the Kosovo Electricity Distribution Network by 2025. Through this master plan, KEDS aims to renew the electrical network and make it similar to the electric power networks of European developed countries.



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