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The recent KEDS investment in Podujeva region was extended in Bradash and Letanc villages.
In Bradash KEDS has placed 40 electricity poles of low voltage, 53 poles of medium voltage, 3275 meters grid of medium voltage.
After this investment, the power supply is stabilized and safety has increased in this village. They no longer have problems to use the household appliances.

Doruntina Gashi a resident of Bradash said that now everything is okay in the village. “The power supply used to be weak. In order to cook the lunch, we had to turn on the stove in the morning. The wires used to break often. Now the boiler and the stove are heating quickly. We no longer need an electricity corrector”.

Now they are demolishing most of the old network that was extended through the private property.  By placing the braided cables, the customer safety has increased and the technical losses were reduced.

Another resident, Behram Jashari, has thanked the KEDS workers for the works they have done in the power grid. “KEDS Company is working very good. The workers that have worked here were very nice. We have always been informed about the works that were being done and they didn’t do anything without our permission,” said Jashari. 63 families have benefited from this project.
In the same municipality but different village, in Letanc KEDS went back again to invest in changing the power grid. Previously, KEDS has placed the traffo station thus increasing the energy capacities in these areas.

According to the project, this time in “LP 20 kV, Letanc Direction” KEDS has placed 202 poles of medium voltage, 10935m medium-voltage air network and 5200m medium-voltage underground network.

Also in Letanc village residents had welcomed the investments where customer safety has increased whereas technical losses and weak voltage have decreased. 

The project is being finalized where the old network is being demolished and displacing it from the private properties.  This investment is also a commitment of KEDS to meet the obligations on energy needs of consumers in these areas.

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