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KEDS improves the electrical network for hundreds of families in the municipality of Obiliq 11-08-2017

For Ramadan Krasniqi, life in his village has now got the proper meaning. The former dispatcher at Mining Surface in Bardh said that now energy problems does not exist. He works in his garden without a problem and uses without fear the electrical equipment.
"The electricity has been too weak and there were many breaks. We have had difficulties to the use of electrical equipment, often they got burnt. Now everything is new. The new trafo, the pillars and the new digital meters, and for us everything is fine. With the placement of meters on columns, the misuse of electricity does not exist anymore, "said Krasniqi.
Beside him, thanks to the projects realized by KEDS, residents who live in the areas surrounding the power plants will have much more quality services. These investments in the energy network have been felt by the inhabitants of the villages of Dardhishte and Sibovc in the municipality of Obiliq.
With the works that have been done here, customer safety has increased, and with the installation of low voltage cables the technical losses have also decreased.
In the village of Sibovc there are two transformers one 100 and one 160 kVA, which have considerably increased the voltage and have created energy stability. There are also 67 low voltage poles, 25 medium voltage poles, 4930 m low voltage grid and 1232 m medium voltage grid. The number of families who have benefited from the realization of this project is 60.
Even for those who do business, this investment has greatly facilitated their work. One of them is Amer Mexhuani, who has a cowshed where he takes out about 200 liters of milk a day, and says that with this investment now the electricity is safe.
"As the wind blew, it was cold, and I could not use the milking machines, and many times the milk got bad. Now every neighborhood has its own trafo and its new poles, and with this it has strengthen the electricity and everything is going easier "said Mexhuani.
 After the completion of the project in the village, the old poles in private property have been dismantled and moved around the neighborhood streets.
The other village that lies next to the power plant "Kosova A" is Dardhishta, where with the investments of KEDS the energy situation has changed completely for the better.
During the implementation of the project, 77 low voltage poles, 37 medium voltage poles, 9015 m low voltage grid, 4360 m high voltage grid, and 2 transformers 160 and 400 kVA.
With the realization of this project have benefited 122 families in the village.
The poles were 45 years old and there were no houses that had not burned electrical installations from network breakdowns.
With the new investment, the residents are very satisfied and thank all those who have made possible the realization of this project.
"With the investment made by KEDS we are very satisfied and now with the establishment of new trafos, we have zero fears and for this we thank all those who contributed to this investment," said Avdyl Gërguri, KEK employee.
KEDS will continue with investments so that the network will be with the standards required for all customers throughout Kosovo.

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